Fee Based Investment Management


We are committed to developing and implementing long-term investment-wealth strategies, customized for your individual goals and resources. As a Registered Investment Adviser, we pride ourselves on high standards of professionalism and service. Our understanding of local economies, industries and cultures helps us in our goal of delivering what we find clients want most: access to a wide range of investment opportunities.

ASI manages a diversified mix of portfolios designed to meet the needs of its clients. However, the primary philosophy underlining our management style is a Passive Management approach to Wealth Preservation.  Although you may come to us for the management of assets for your children, your estate or your 401K rollovers we are primarily focused on Wealth Preservation or preservation of capital for our cleints. Whether you are a high net worth individual or just starting out; you come to ASI to help Preserve Wealth. That’s what we do.

Supervised Accounts
Supervised accounts at ASI are developed one at a time once a thorough review of your income tax concerns; retirement goals and estate plan have been addressed. Once your goals have been identified, a team of independent investment professional including CPA’s and attorneys experienced in estate planning are set to work. Individuals must designate a ‘market risk threshold figure’ of 1%-9%. What is a “market risk threshold figure”? It means; at no time may my portfolio be more than (market risk threshold % number) invested in managed equity or index funds of any kind without prior written approval.

Other Accounts and Strategies at ASI
Other account strategies, such as Growth, Income, and Growth & Income are available, however ASI specializes in Wealth and Capital Preservation

Portfolio Structure
ASI’s Wealth Management Investment Approach is known by a few different names: Passive Strategy, Passive Investing, or Index Investing. Basically it all boils down to a widely accepted belief in asset management circles that an efficient markets hypothesis exists, and more often than not active management works better for long term investors. Conversely, Active Management* (more frequent buying and selling) does have its hero’s: George Soros, Robert J. Sanborn, and Peter Lynch. However, we believe these legendary figures are the exception and not the rule.
At ASI, we never want to have to defend excessive trading costs.   At ASI, we pride ourselves on our efforts to limit trading costs for our clientele.  When managing assets in accordance with our passive management philosophy we utilize a mix of lower cost investment vehicles such as Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”) and/or no-load mutual funds.  While future rebalancing may be necessary to meet investment objectives, we will attempt to keep costs as efficient as possible.

Life is complicated enough, ASI works to keep investment philosophy grounded in the basics and in the fundamental strategy of Passive Management – we are in this for the long term. ASI President and CEO Lieutenant Colonel Elton Johnson United States Army currently deployed with NATO Forces in Afghanistan recently made it clear to us at the home office; although we may not be able to avoid losses in the field of combat we can and must do all we can do to avoid losses in capital at home.

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*Active management (also called active investing) refers to a portfolio management strategy where the manager makes specific investments with the goal of outperforming an investment benchmark index.