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12th Annual Veterans On Wall Street (VOWS) Symposium

We were overjoyed to join the 12th Annual Veterans On Wall Street (VOWS) Symposium hosted by Citi and the Bob Woodruff Foundation on November 3rd, which brings together industry leaders and stakeholders to discuss the importance of assisting veterans and military spouses, as they transition into civilian careers.

Our Co-CEO, Mercedes Elias, served on the Executive Impressions Panel, where she discussed the importance of D&I in financial services, provided advice to transitioning military servicemembers and shared her personal story of transitioning into finance after the U.S. Marine Corps.

In addition, Sidney Covington, LMSW, our Veteran Engagement Associate, was on a panel to share insights on diversity and inclusion, while James Fitzgerald, our Engagement and Communications Associate, also served on a panel to discuss the importance of hiring and retaining veterans.

Our firm is a relentless ally of transitioning veterans and we are proud to be a member of the Veterans On Wall Street (VOWS) consortium, which consists of more than 100 financial services firms and companies dedicated to providing opportunities to former and current military as they transition into the corporate workforce.