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A Conversation with Jeremy Butler, CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

August 20, 2019

New York State Health Foundation invited the newly appointed CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) Jeremy Butler to have a discussion on IAVA’s direction for the future and how it will affect veterans across New York State. For more than 15 years, IAVA has fought to connect, unite, and empower post-9/11 veterans.  With more than 425,000 members, IAVA remains at the forefront of key battles, ensuring returning veterans receive services they need and a voice on Capital Hill and across the country.  During this discussion, attended by AmeriVet Securities staff, Jeremy discussed IAVA’s “Big 6 Priorities”

  1. Combating suicide among troops and veterans by de-stigmatizing mental healthcare and normalizing the conversation about it
  2. Reforming the VA for today’s veteran’s by serving as a watchdog and providing fixes to a broken system
  3. Initiating support for injuries from burn pits and other toxic exposures
  4. Defending veteran and military education benefits, ensuring issues with the GI Bill are resolved in a timely manner and ensuring the benefits are protected
  5. Recognizing and improving services for women veterans, increasing healthcare across the VA for women veterans
  6. Establishing support for veterans who want to utilize medical cannabis to treat PTSD and other military related medical issues

For more information on IAVA, you can visit their website at

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