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How Skylar Bonné Focuses on Veteran Services

Skylar Bonné is a veteran of the United States Navy. After serving in the interest of US national security with the Navy, Skylar gained a unique perspective concerning the services available to veterans in the United States. In taking an interest in veteran engagement work, Skylar Bonné found that his skills could be put to use in helping veterans from all branches of the US Military adjust back into civilian life.

What Are Veterans Services?

United States veterans have a variety of resources available to them upon completion of their military service. By utilizing these services, veterans can get help with mental health issues, housing, education, and career opportunities.
A broad range of programs which can be accessed by veterans exist depending on eligibility requirements. Most eligibility criteria are based upon the reason for discharge. Also, depending on whether there is an active war, some benefits may alter.
The majority of these benefits and services are offered by the federal government. The United States Department of Veteran Affairs is the main body through which these federal services are offered to veterans. The department aims to help integrate healthcare services specifically to military veterans. Primarily these programs are offered after military service and are put in place to support veterans, along with their families in some cases. Programs offered through places such as The Veterans Benefits Administration can handle insurance, vocational rehabilitation, and employment.
Aside from government benefit programs, private companies are also in place to offer veterans necessary assistance for transitioning back into the work force and civilian life. For example, Skylar Bonné currently works with AmeriVet Securities, a company that is owned by service-disabled veterans. By training and hiring veterans exclusively to pursue careers in the financial sector AmeriVet Securities offers an additional resource beyond government assistance to help veterans transition into civilian life.

Individual Services Offered

Veterans services include many different programs that have varying eligibility requirements. While Skylar Bonné himself was able to make use of educational services and veteran’s healthcare, there are a number of other services that can greatly assist veterans transitioning out of military life.

Health Care

The largest integrated health care system in the United States is known as The Veterans Health Administration. This administration runs one thousand two hundred fifty-five healthcare facilities. Services provided include hospital care as well as orthopedics, mental health, pharmacy, and physical therapy. Every center across the country offers a patient advocate. These highly trained professionals can help support veterans and their health.
The mission of the Veterans Health Administration is to provide exceptional healthcare. With a strong emphasis on education and research, this care can help the population nationwide.
Healthcare programs include the following:

Community Living Center

A Community Living Center is a skilled nursing facility for veterans. These centers provide nurses and other medical professionals to help with an aging population. Dementia and rehabilitation services are offered as well as end-of-life care. A Community Living Center is separate from a Vet Center.

Vet Centers

Vet Centers provide counseling and outreach services. This is primarily used during a readjustment period. Veterans who served in combat are eligible to use these services as well as their family members. Vet Centers can be found in every state and Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, and Guam.

Community-Based Outpatient Clinics

Veterans frequently use Community-Based Outpatient Clinics for non-emergency medical issues. Outpatient clinics can be found in rural areas and cities and include the option of wellness visits. Unlike hospitals, wait times are usually much shorter and can schedule appointments ahead of time.

Homes and Housing

Many veterans qualify for loan assistant programs. Relocation support offices can help organize the move if it is completed within a year after transitioning to civilian life. By receiving help in this area, many first-time home-owners can experience a smooth process with additional support.
A home can be purchased at a competitive interest rate, even for those who already own housing. This often does not require a down payment. Loan options can include cash-out refinance loans for those who need to pay off debt.
An Adapted Housing Grant can receive help purchasing an adapted home. This is ideal for making modifications to an existing home. Qualifications for this type of grant can include service-connected disability or homeownership. The total grant money does not need to be spent in one year and can be used six different times.

Education and Employment

The GI Bill allows veterans to earn an education. Several different programs can cover the cost of training and education. This bill can be utilized for active and non-active veterans.
The Post-9/11 GI Bill is for those who served a minimum of 90 days in active-duty service. In some cases, 100% of tuition is covered by this bill. The Yellow Ribbon Program can also cover fees such as private school. Unused education benefits can be transferred to a spouse or children.
The Montgomery GI Bill is for service members who participated in at least two years of active duty and have a minimum of a GED. This benefit allows a veteran to receive over $60,000 for educational programs. Monthly benefits may also be available depending on the length of service and eligibility.
Employment services can vary depending on education. As mentioned earlier, AmeriVet Securities helps veterans get trained and hired within the financial community. Jobs that are specific to the military industry can be obtained through teaching programs like Troops to Teachers. Job assistance and training are available through multiple avenues.
Through the Veterans Employment and Training Service, veterans can start an apprenticeship. Some of these programs are key to transitioning from the military to civilian life in a meaningful way. Other employment services include SBA’s Office of Veterans Business Development, VETS resource connection, The Veteran Business portal for the federal government, and the Transition Assistance Program.

Serving a Multitude of Needs

Veteran Services can cover a multitude of different needs. While many people assume these services are for veterans alone, their families can also benefit. Providing easy access to things like education, healthcare and housing upon a veteran’s return to civilian life can make a difference to both veterans and their loved ones. Thanks to specialized government programs, and the additional resources offered by private companies such as AmeriVet Securities, support for veterans continues to improve and remain abundant in The United States.

By: Noelle Neff

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