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Jason Schuit

Jason Schuitt

Jason Schuit

Co-chief Investment Officer
South Street Securities Holdings

Jason Schuit is co-chief Investment Officer at South Street Securities and is responsible for the firm’s strategic trading decisions, term collateral trading and Hedge Fund financing.

In 1999, Mr. Schuit co-founded Capital Markets Engineering & Trading, LLC, and also co-founded South Street Securities in 2004. He was responsible for the formation, infrastructure development, trading and CEO of South Street Securities.

In 2006, Mr. Schuit joined Cantor Fitzgerald as Managing Director of Finance where he successfully co-managed the Finance Desk through the financial crisis with record earnings. He rejoined South Street Securities in 2011.

He joined Citibank’s management associate training program in 1992, and spent the first three years supporting the fixed income business as part of the operations management group. Mr. Schuit joined the Citicorp Securities Inc. Finance Desk in 1995 as Vice President and Senior Matched Book Trader. He was responsible for Finance, Futures and Arbitrage trading within the Capital Markets Group.

Mr. Schuit attended Hofstra University where he received his bachelor’s in business administration in public accounting.