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AmeriVet Celebrates The Grand Opening Of The Epicure Room

Our AmeriVet team was thrilled to share a toast at the recent launch of The Epicure Room in New York City. This momentous occasion, brought to life by Milk Money Kitchens, was not just a celebration of a new beginning but a salute to the many hands and hearts that made this dream a reality. The evening’s ambiance was elevated with light bites from Portable Provisions, rightfully named one of NYC’s must-have caterers, and groovy beats by DJ Tyler-From-Where set the mood, making every moment unforgettable.

At AmeriVet Securities, we’ve been privileged to witness the remarkable journey of Milk Money Kitchens from concept to fruition. It’s a veteran-owned beacon of innovation, founded by Nancy Preston, a United States Military Academy at West Point graduate who embodies the resilience and leadership our veterans are celebrated for.

Our Service Academy Networking events, hosted at our New York City office, have been catered by Milk Money Kitchens, enhancing each event with their unparalleled hospitality and service. And now, as we gather in The Epicure Room, we’re not just celebrating the opening of a new event venue and kitchen facility. We’re honoring the dreams and hard work of our veteran brothers and sisters who’ve paved the way for future food entrepreneurs in NYC.