A Full Spectrum of Capital Markets and Financing Services

AmeriVet is a comprehensive institutional broker-dealer, providing the highest standards of service through multiple lines of business.

Debt Capital Markets

AmeriVet provides fixed income sales, trading, and distribution capabilities through our experienced sales and trading team.

  • Working closely with major syndicate banks
  • Secondary agency trading
  • Target Tier II and III asset managers
  • Structure, timing, and pricing guidance
  • Real-time market color
  • Broad spectrum of fixed income asset classes which include corporates, CLO, CMBS, ABS, agency securities, and municipal securities.
  • Fixed and floating instruments
  • Short-, medium-, and long-term debt
  • Taxable and tax-exempt debt
  • Senior, subordinated, convertible, and preferred debt
  • Secured and unsecured debt

Equity Capital Markets

Our equity investing team assists in all facets of equity investing including clients taking private companies public via IPO, spinning off a business from a public company, and secondary offerings. We are experts at executing share repurchase (buyback) programs for Fortune 500 clients.

  • Best in class execution capabilities
  • Private and public
  • Covering middle market accounts
  • Agency trading
  • Global scale

Public Finance

Our municipal sales team has placement capabilities with numerous Tier I, II, and III accounts. We also have expansive distribution via distribution agreements with retail accounts. We focus on serving state and local governments, transportation and housing agencies, school districts, healthcare, institutions of higher education, public power and utility clients, and other public economic development projects.

  • Municipal finance banking
  • Underwriting and marketing
  • Innovative structures for tax-exempt commercial paper and exchangeable offerings

Loan Sales

AmeriVet has a unique capability: a team focused solely on institutional bilateral and syndicated middle market loans to help our clients manage their positions and provide incremental and fundamental liquidity.

  • Healthy and distressed debt
  • Secured and unsecured loans
  • Hedge funds, asset managers, banks, insurance companies, CLOs, and other credit vehicles

Cash Management

Through our referral agreement with South Street Securities LLC, AmeriVet is able to offer our institutional clients a cash investment alternative with ample liquidity and attractive rates.

  • Cash investments are over-collateralized with U.S. Treasuries via repurchase agreements
  • South Street, a leader in securities financing, is a trusted repo counterparty to several states and municipalities, government-sponsored entities and regional banks and dealers since 2004
  • South Street has a long-term investment grade rating from Kroll Bond Rating Agency, an NRSRO

Investment Banking

The AmeriVet team focuses on middle market investment banking mandates.

  • Sell side M&A
  • Buy side M&A
  • Negotiated sales
  • Restructuring advisory
  • Capital raising (both debt and equity)

US Treasuries

AmeriVet proudly introduces Fenics UST, a fully electronic US Government securities (USTs) trading venue. 

  • Competes with the voice and Request for Quotation (RFQ) markets
  • Anonymous execution
  • Support your Diversity and Inclusion mandates and goals