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Ethics & Privacy

AVI Code of Ethics

AmeriVet Securities honors privacy and your right to privacy above all else. Your personal account data will never be sold to or shared with any other institution without your prior written consent.

It is our belief that each investor is entitled to be treated respectfully, always told the truth and be able to reach an AmeriVet Securities representative quickly and without a foreign third party phone center taking our calls.

Each officer or representative that works for AVI must sign an Ethics code of honor, declaring that he or she shall never pass on, share or disseminate in any means; personal, legal, financial or any other privileged information about any investors doing business with AmeriVet Securities Inc.

Honor is defined by AmeriVet Securities as doing the right thing when no one is watching. If any unlawful or potentially ethically compromising situation should develop, all AVI employees are required to report it immediately to an officer of the firm; without fear of reprisal or any threat of suspension or termination.

All employees are expected to dress accordingly. This does not require a coat and tie everyday, however clothes must be clean and neat and business professional, there should be no exceedingly low cut or ‘halter top’ type of apparel worn by AVI staff during business hours, especially front line associates dealing with the public.

Finally, we serve a very large audience. It is the goal of AVI to acknowledge first and then reply in writing to any complaint submitted to us in writing (USPS) with-in 30 days of the postmark. Also, AVI understands that you are our customer; you are our lifeblood and you make AmeriVet Securities grow and thrive. Our obligations to you does not end at 5PM. Contact with an AVI representative for AVI customers is available 24/7 365 days a year. We take the “know your customer rule” to heart. We have to, we are United States Veterans, we take care of our own, and we are here when you need us.

For additional information and/or to receive a copy of our Code of Ethics plan, please contact us via the company’s email address: