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AmeriVet Team Joins VETLANTA Q1 Summit and 10 Year Birthday Celebration

We are thrilled to share that our very own Veteran Engagement Associate, Sidney Covington, was able to join in the 2024 VETLANTA Q1 Summit and 10 Year Birthday Celebration, hosted at the distinguished Clay National Guard Center.

VETLANTA has been at the forefront of transforming Atlanta into the leading community for veterans and their families, focusing on enhancing their opportunities to work, live, play, and pray. This summit not only marked a significant milestone but also showcased the impactful collaboration and progress towards supporting our veterans.

Sidney’s participation underscores AmeriVet’s commitment to veteran advocacy and our ongoing efforts to support and engage with the veteran community. We are proud to be part of such meaningful initiatives and look forward to continuing our partnership with VETLANTA, contributing to their mission of making Atlanta the best place for veterans and their families.